Medicolegal Consulting — Dr. Stein is Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine, St. Louis University School of Medicine (a Level 1 Trauma Center).

Dr. Stein currently practices Emergency Medicine and Critical Care / Intensive Care Medicine.

For 20 years, Dr. Stein was an Emergency Physician at St. Anthony's Medical Center of St. Louis, one of the busiest emergency departments in the State of Missouri.

Dr. Stein has extensive experience in providing medical-legal expert services, having reviewed over 400 cases (both plaintiff and defense) and having given testimony over 150 times.

Dr. Stein furnishes an unbiased opinion on medical malpractice/negligence cases. Dr. Stein also provides medical opinion concerning causation. Dr. Stein does not guarantee a favorable outcome but provides an honest assessment.

Dr. Stein has lectured nationally on Pain Management, and consults in the area of pharmaceutical and biomedical product development and marketing.

Dr. Stein reviews cases (for both Plaintiff and Defense) of alleged Medical Malpractice / Negligence in areas including:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Critical Care Medicine / Intensive Care Medicine
  • Internal Medicine

Services provided include:

  • Medical chart review and analysis
  • Providing opinion concerning the presence or absence of Negligence / Breach of the Standard of Care, Damages / Injury and Causation
  • Survey of case for merit
  • Preparation of reports and / or affidavits
  • Preparation for opposing expert deposition and cross-examination
  • Medical literature search
  • Expert witness testimony at deposition and trial.

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Kenneth A. Stein, MD

Kenneth A. Stein, MD