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Kenneth "Kenny" Stein, MD

Expert Witness Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and Internal Medicine

Medical Legal Consulting and Expert Witness

Has provided expert witness testimony (deposition and trial) over 200 times.

Dr. Stein reviews cases for plaintiff and defense regarding

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Critical Care Medicine / Intensive Care Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Personal Injury (Medical Causation)

(See Case Topics for specific issues)

Dr. Stein furnishes an unbiased opinion on medical malpractice/negligence cases as well as personal injury and wrongful death cases. Dr. Stein also provides medical opinion concerning causation. Dr. Stein excels in providing testimony that is credible, clearly understandable and serves to educate the judges and jury about the science, the medicine and the facts as they relate to negligence, causation and damages. Dr. Stein does not guarantee a favorable outcome but provides an honest assessment.

Services provided include:

  • Medical chart review and analysis
  • Providing opinion concerning the presence or absence of Negligence / Breach of the Standard of Care, Damages / Injury and Causation
  • Survey of case for merit
  • Preparation of reports and / or affidavits
  • Preparation for opposing expert deposition and cross-examination
  • Medical literature search
  • Expert witness testimony at deposition and trial.

To discuss your client's case, please call 314-495-7009.

"I have brought many cases to trial.
Without a doubt that was the most impressive example I have ever seen of an expert witness teaching a jury about the science involved in a case."

Attorney Client Comment

Kenneth Stein, MD

Kenny A. Stein, MD, ABIM, ABPS, UCNS

Assistant Professor,
St. Louis University
School of Medicine

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"In 31 years as an attorney your deposition today was the best deposition I have ever seen!"

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